Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Bit of Work

I haven't done any work in awhile but today I decided to do a bit of painting. Here is the start of what I am working on. I just felt like I needed to do some painting. I took two panels that I had started back my senior year at Montserrat and decided to cover them up and work on top of them to create something new. The top one started out mostly a green color and the bottom one started out with a pink background. The top one I am working with spray paint and acrylic paint. The bottom one I am working with oil.

I also worked on a few photographs last month to get some practice since I haven't picked up my camera or used photoshop in a long while. What I came out with is below. I haven't really been inspired much to pick up my camera and shoot. My camera has pretty much been sitting in it's case. I don't really have anything that excites me enough to want to take it out. So it is rare now for me to take it out and shoot. Maybe something with get me excited and want to do something this year. 

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